A multi-award winning 21st Century Physic Garden, promoting the healing power of plants and food as medicine.


An international 501(c)(3) non-profit, Urban Physic Garden creates public gardens of living medicine that educate, inspire and engage communities, through educational programming, participatory experiences and design-driven green spaces.


About The Urban Physic Garden

The Urban Physic Garden (UPG) is an urban garden of living medicine shaped by the hospital and pharmacy, with a focus on medicinal plants and herbs that heal. Extending beyond herbal remedies, the garden demonstrates the potential of Food as Medicine, tackling urban nutrition, obesity, healthy cooking, food growing and education.

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What is a Physic Garden?

A physic garden is a place where plants with medicinal properties are grown. For thousands of years, people have been using plants to cure all kinds of ills. Hospitals and universities would create gardens of medicinal plants for both treating patients, and to serve as an educational experience for students to learn about plants and their uses in healing the sick.

Who We Are

UPG is a unique design-medicine initiative that brings together designers, artists and urban growers with integrative medicine practitioners, nutritionists and medical herbalists. 

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